Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some of our Peru Highlights (and a few lowlights)

-How many times we said "Foul Smells, Foul Smells!"
- Waiting an hour and a half for a free breakfast that never came - Getting my purse stolen in Puno and then the follow up with the Tourist Police - Having to fight to get our train tickets back from Machu Picchu - Dealing with the post office in Cusco like 5 times and never getting my phone - Trip back from Mancora via late bus, missed flight, and angry van drivers
- Poison water that we drank all too much of in our homestay
- Crazy children everywhere- at Wawawasi, outside the bars at night, selling chiclets on the streets
- Volunteering in the daycare (all 3 days of it before we quit because we couldn't handle the kids), the jungle (all 1 day of fishing and gardening and hiking to blaze trails), and the construction site plastering and doing concrete work for the remainder
- Lunuhuana Rafting and our sweet guide who Kelsey tipped almost 100%
- Hostel finds: in Mosoq Inn that ended up being free and Loki in Mancora- not so free
- Trek to Machu Picchu and the day exploring it
- Pisco tour and stomping grapes
- Finishing the Colca Canyon trek and looking out over the mountain we conquered
- Birthday cake made by Marina
- Nice hotel night paid for by Star Peru- the only people who believe in Customer Service
- Spanish classes at Maximo Nivel
- St. Patty's Day at Paddy's Pub
- My favorite kid doing cartwheels (or attempting cartwheels) in the street at red lights and then asking for money
- Drinking wine on the beach while watching the sunset
- Our sushi chef in Mancora
- Eating Ceviche, lots of Avocados and Papayas, Jack's Cafe Hummus Sandwich, 2 Nations Alpaca sandwich, and Guinea Pig!

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