Sunday, April 4, 2010

In the jungle, the might jungle...

We just got back from our week in the Amazon. It was a great experience, seeing lots of different plants and animals, the challenge of self preservation by not itching bug bites, and meeting incredible people. Some of the animals we saw: - a Tyra (a large Peruvian Ferret looking thing) named Tyra Banks - a Parrot named Polly who says Hola - Monkeys swinging from branch to branch dropping nut shells on our heads - a rather large Tarantula - lots and lots of butterflies with colors that were almost holographic - fish and turtles in our little pond at the lodge - Broncos colored caterpillars (which we did not touch after Carolyn´s caterpillar experience) A count of bug bites included: - 34 on the left and 38 on the right on Kelseys arms (the visible ones) - 7 bites on my stomach, which I am not even sure was exposed more than 5 minutes - 3 bites that led to scratching and bleeding Some highlights from our jungle trip: - Clean Air - Mario- the most hard core 73 yr old man ever who owns acres and acres of this land and macheted (yes, that is a verb) our trails that we hiked on - cool mist coming from the Cascada Grande (big waterfall) and enjoying those 3 minutes of spring water instead of sweat - learning about the mercado negro (black market) of the jungle over a few beers - kids saying ¨hola¨repeatedly everytime us gringos strolled through their towns - Reading in the hammock- enough time for 3 different books - beans and rice were not lacking here - the German spice that was the deciding factor of what each meal was going to taste like... knoblock proved to be pretty popular once everything else ran out - Roc, the Spanish guy with an extremely long rat tale, trying to explain never have I ever stories through his broken english and some charades - the zip line that was the only way across the river - 20 people sitting bitterly on a pile of rocks after we found out that the taxis are all asleep and we were a 3 hour walk away from our lodge - jungle discotecas - there is a universal language for seeing hot volleyball players in spandex - fishing with some 2 liter bottles and bread crumbs It was definitely a unique experience, and we shared it with a couple really cool people. Hopefully the pictures will come soon. Now we are back in Cuzco to continue our volunteering here and our Spanish classes. Happy Easter everyone, I hope you all eat at least one Cadbury Creme Egg for me!

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