Sunday, April 11, 2010

I got a camera!!!!

The first recovery since that fateful day... my mommy sent me a camera! Well I guess I got a new passport too, which is a major plus! But the camera is a little more sentimental. Here are a few pics of one of our day hikes in the Sacred Valley with our friend Kate from Ireland. It was a day full of language barriers... starting with the girl from London who told us this would be a 2 hour hike up and down. Then the taxi driver that told us he would take us to a town called Maras, but we ended up 20 minutes past Maras in Urubamba. After a little feud with the taxi driver slamming the door before I could get into the next taxi, we got on our way to Maras and our ultimate destination of Moray. Moray was an Incan ruin where they did some agricultural testing with different levels of eco-climates, kind of impressive, but not enough to counteract the challenge it was to get there.
Then each leg of our trip back to Cusco was a language barrier. First, the cab we took from Moray to Maras... it took our friend Kate blowing a few kisses to the driver to get where we wanted to go for the price we wanted to pay. Then we went for a ¨1 km¨ walk that took like an hour passing some scary bulls and some beautiful scenery. Then we hopped on a bus back to Cusco- always an adventure. Kelsey and I were the only ones allowed to sit in the front cab with the driver and conductor, so we were opening doors and getting fondled by every person that got on and off the bus. However, this ride was free of foul smells and Peruvians sitting on top of us which counts as a total victory. I would say that my Spanish is improving enough to know that this kid wanted a tip for this picture, but not enough to be able to tell a cab driver that screwed us what we really thought of him.

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