Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guatemala Update

Well, for starters, I am in Honduras- not Guatemala. But as I learned from my travels to South America, when I said I was going to Chile and never made it past Argentina, when you don't plan the trip, you just go where the people take you with a smile. So here I am on the computer in Copan Ruinas- Honduras. Some of the highlights I have learned so far: - 4 chicken buses from Guatemala City to Uspantan on Day 1- good thing Larry was with me - 8 chicken buses from Uspantan to Guatemala - dramamine is my new best friend any time I travel on these chicken buses - you can fit 23 people in a van the size of a VW bus - the locals have a work ethic like we have never seen - they believe in reproducing - people walk across some rickety rickety bridges or some deep deep rivers - a woman can carry a bin on her head, a child in her arms, and a bag of corn under her arm - the locals know best what is best for them - McDonald's tastes real good in other countries - showers and clean shirts are pretty special on a trip like this There are lots of pictures and stories to come. I am learning everyday more and more to appreciate how good I've got it. Much love from Central America- wherever I will be.

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