Friday, January 29, 2010

Playing in the Snow

So being back from Hawaii has been pretty bitter sweet. I have definitely missed the people and beach, but it has been fun to get to play in the snow and catch up with old friends. I got to spend Christmas at Grandma's house with the fam. We even did some extreme sledding down Grandma's street, and of course Grandma participated in the sledding activities. We could barely get her off the sled:) My soccer friend since elementary school- Kristen Kemp- got married a few weeks ago. We had a little reunion with our old carpool buddies, and Brennan was in town from New York! As you can see, not much has changed- Jessie is being scandalous, Emilee is laughing, Kempy has the perfect pose, and Brennan looks like she is sending witch tricks to the photographer... oh and there are random boys hanging around in the background, pretty typical. It was a beautiful wedding, and they are going to have some sick soccer players some day! So, with my time at home- I decided to experiment with some hair coloring. It took 3 tries to get my hair to brown (after blonde, then a red tint, then gothic black). Tanner was visiting during the beginnings of this and very supportive through the trials and tribulations.
I got to go snowboarding! Although my hopes of working at a resort this winter were put on hold (for very fun and exciting adventures coming up!), I got to hit the slopes to do some shredding- 3 times! My fam took a trip up to Keystone, then Wolf Creek was probably one of the best powder days I have ever had, and I got my first day ever at Beaver Creek with Steph.
Among our other winter expeditions was sledding. Probably the hardest I have ever laughed was when I felt like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation going down this luge course in Durango on the sled that had like NOS tubes in the back, and I am sure there were sparks flying. This picture was Kelsey and me after a not so hilarious adventure where we couldn't stop unless we shot snow up in our face- clearly a bit chilly. However, we didn't learn after this experience. On our drive home we managed to make a total scene in front of kids and parents alike in a matter of 5 minutes. 3 runs- Tanner and I fell out, Kelsey and I unintentionally hit the biggest jump on the hill and limped away trying to hide serious injuries while a 12 year old brought our sled to us and Tanner came running down the hill to see if we were ok, then Tanner and I trying to get one last graceful run in- unsuccessfully. At least Tanner knew how to steer and brake- unlike Kelsey or me. We also did a snowmobiling day with my parents. It was so freakin pretty up there, but a little chilly- as you can see from my oompa loompa layers. And we all made it out alive- my mom didn't even run into a tree:)
So, these are the highlights so far from my trip at home. It has been aweseme to hang out with family and friends a lot. Next, I am heading to Guatemala for 3 weeks to help start some construction on a foot bridge in a rural town near Uspantan (check out my fundraising page for more info). Then back home for a couple days before heading out to Peru with Kelsey for 2 months. And, finally- off to South Africa for the World Cup in June with my mamma! Yahoo! I am pretty stoked for 2010! So look for more posts on these adventures coming up!

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  1. So,,, I'm curious. Why didn't Riley make it
    onto your blog? She 'is' the most important
    family member. Let me know when this gets
    corrected! Tara