Friday, December 11, 2009


So, it wasn't a Colorado white Thanksgiving holiday watching the broncos and sipping hot chocolate, but hanging out on the Big Island and going to the beach was a pretty good substitute. We got to see a lot of sweet sunsets, and that couch was made with love. We went kayaking to the Captain Cook monument to go snorkeling. We saw some pretty polka dotted fish, and some rainbow colored fish, and a needle nose fish, and I learned how to dive under water- well barely. We went to Waipio Valley to the Black Sand beach. We gave a ride to Wayne down to his house in the back of the valley, and he showed us all the hidden secrets of the valley. We got to pick some starfruit and some avocados and go playing in the river. It was really like we were in a movie. And although it was a little chilly, our swim was amazing! It was one of my favorite experiences in the ocean with huge waves and a strong current and we were the only ones out there just body surfing and trying to stay afloat. And it seems every adventure to the big island includes some cliff jumping. This place was called the End of the World- which made it feel that much more hard core.
We also played with the camera taking some night time pictures. The iphone was quite a handy tool for our photo sesh, and the amazing palm tree back yard helped too.

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