Sunday, August 16, 2009


So we made it through 2-a-days!!!! Yeah, who would have thought that coaching and standing on the sideline could be so tough? However, if walking to 6am practices everyday is as bad as it gets, I think I have got it pretty good. It was so fun to see these girls pushing themselves and coming together as a team and seeing freshman standing out, but it did make us miss the good ol' days of us playing, even to the point at which we ran 120's after a practice. We have some awesome girls- sweet soccer players, fun people, and great leaders. I am definitely looking forward to the season to get to know them and to see what the team can accomplish.
So other than being at the fields and soccer office for 12 hours a day, I have pretty much been going to bed at 9pm. Carolyn and I did find time to have a romantic ocean side Pizza Hut dinner. Our friend Lloyd- as we like to call him- treated us to a nice night of guitar and singing and BBQing. Another night we played an intense game of Skip-Bo with our friend named Bo- how many people can say they have done that? We also did a team bonding night and went to the PCC night show and saw some crazy Polynesian dancing and fire throwing. And today we spent some time at the beach going for a run, building sand castles, tripping over the waves, doing handstands in the ocean, and posing for a photo shoot (check out some of the finalists below).

So, this is definitely starting to feel like home already. My job definitely feels like play. Being at the soccer field feels a little nostalgic. My roommies are super sweet, and I love the small town feel of knowing people everywhere I go. In fact tonight was an adventure to get shaved ice with my roomie and then a fun little computer party on the couch as I write this. I wouldn't trade my 2 minute walk to the beach for a million dollars- oh wait, maybe a hundred dollars. I love my sundays to myself at the beach and explaining that I am not in a ward and not LDS. I saw my first beer can on a trash can the other day- I got really excited and almost took a picture. I definitely miss my friends and family a lot. I am super excited to meet my future niece when I get back as I hear she got some nice outfits today! I wish I was climbing 14ers with you guys, and riding my bikes with you guys, and going to Grandma's birthday party with you guys. As sad as it is, I miss my little cubicle pow-wows on Monday mornings. I love hearing what is happening at home- so keep it coming. "We are chameleons, and our partialities and prejudices change places with an easy and blessed facility, and we are soon wonted to the change and happy in it." - Mark Twain

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