Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CH2M Foundation Nicaragua

This is the first post in a while, and it appears that my blog has turned into a documentary of my B2P trips.  I guesss that is the beauty of this work.  I am forced to step back and reflect on what I am doing here and in life... with no phone, no internet, no work deadlines to distract.   

I am just about to board the plane, and the 2 things I am most looking forward to are meeting the other team members and disconnecting from all my electronics! The beauty of this technical world is that it has been seamless connecting with these new faces, and that has made me really excited to embark on this adventure with them.  The beauty of heading to rural Nicaragua to build a bridge with the community is that we will have very little social media  to distract us from truly engaging with this community!  So until I am back in service... Begin the digital detox!

Follow us on the CH2M foundation blog as well... Because you are already on the internet!

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