Sunday, July 18, 2010

Literally Bridging the Gap

So, this week I have gotten to walk across two of the completed bridges here in Zambia. It is so cool after reviewing the design calculations and purchasing materials for some of the other bridges to finally see the end product. This first bridge is in Livingstone- right near Victoria Falls where my mom and I went in June. Some of the people didn't know if it was open while others were very weary because the bridge "dances" when you walk across it. In general, people were pretty excited about it, and it is going to benefit an incredible amount of people who live on that far side of the river. We probably saw 100 people cross this site in the short time that we were out there meeting with the community leaders and Rotary members.
The other bridge is right here in Lusaka- just a short walk from my hotel. Again, it was so cool to just sit there for 5 minutes and watch how many people use it. The kids were playing around it, and the old men were doing business on it, and everyone was benefiting from it.

Seeing these two bridges has made me realize how the slogan "Changing Lives One Bridge at a Time" really isn't just a slogan. Now these people truly do have access to school- or shall I say no excuse to not show up- year round. It really gives me a renewed energy and excitement for contributing to this work here.

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  1. Candice,

    Found your blog and I am excited to hear about your big year of discovery! It sounds wonderful and fulfilling and such a great experience! Miss you!