Friday, July 30, 2010

Camping in the Bush

So, I spent 5 days in camping in the African bush in a small village called Fipashi in the Copperbelt. It was good experience overseeing some of the construction and working with the locals. There were some challenges as most of the people had a "5th grade" or I would say more of a kindergarten level of English. But, they were very polite- always saying "Good Morning Madam." Here is a picture of our progress- you can see the mason working hard up there waiting for people to mix him some concrete. This is the rebar for the towers. This is Luka- he was a very hard worker- well I guess it is all relative.
Here is one photo of my posse. When I was in the village, I camped right near the school. So every morning when I woke up there were kids outside my tent, and everytime I was walking around, a heard formed behind me. After a few days they were all wanting their picture taken.
Without power, and the only water was a hand pump- this was a pretty primitive setting. The entertainment from the end of work to dark was soccer. The first night it was a full 11 v 11 with the entire community. The other days it was just people showing up because they learned that there was an audience- me sitting outside my tent. The younger kids played with this ball made up of wrapped plastic bags. If there was one way to communicate without speaking the same language, it is through playing soccer- a passion I share with all of the Zambians.

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