Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Busy Working

These are my jobs:
Hiking ... Carolyn, Tanner, and I had quite an adventuresome hike with random farmers, getting lost, torrential downpours, fern frolicking, tree swinging, and kung fun fighting:)

Surfing... yes, it's tough but someone has to do it. We haven't been going as much as we did before, but we still manage to make it out there. These pictures are at Turtle Bay with our friends who are real good surfers- this is Zack.

And this is surfing right in our back yard... Another job is playing at the beach... and these beaches are freakin amazing! The water picture is at Sunset Beach on the North Shore when Alex was big pimpin with the ladies- me, Carolyn, and Shannon- Carolyn's roommate.
An adventure at Sharks Cove with Tanner... including Acai bowls, pizza from the pizza truck, bums showering in speedos, and undercover cops breaking up a party near the bus stop- gotta love public transportation
Another job is dancing... lots of dance parties around here.... this particular night was country dancing down in Waikiki- it wasn't Nashville, but still a good time
And the most important job is coaching soccer:
We had an awesome 2 week trip on the mainland where we went 4-0 in conference and 4-1 overall. We lost 1-0 to the defending D2 National Champs, and the girls played really well. It was great fun and great soccer. I got to see my parents in Phoenix, and they got to see us win a game! We had a lot of families come to the games which was a great treat for the girls and a little feeling of home.
I don't know why the airlines workers asked us twice when we said we were in charge.
We got to stop at the Golden Gate bridge!!!!
We are pretty lucky to be able to come back home to Hawaii! Right now we are 9-2 in conference and 12-3 overall. We are still crossing our fingers for a bid to regionals, and we have 3 more games left. I can't even believe how fast the season is flying by. I feel like we were just having preseason.
So I guess like they say- happiness is never having to stop and wonder if you are. Time is flying, and I am just trying to soak it all in while I can. I am super excited for my new little niece, so I am looking forward to going out there before Christmas! I miss my family and all the birthdays and celebrations going on back home, but I will say that I am living the dream right now.
LIG... Life is good

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