Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who Put Us Here?

So, there are a few themes this week:
A) I can't believe I live here
B) Who Put Us Here?
C) Wheels
A) I think that this is a daily reflection: I can't believe I live here. I think it finally set in when I felt like a rock star meeting up with Allison's family, particularly when they said I looked like I could be in Blue Crush. It was crazy to feel like a local in a place where people vacation. I am learning that not only does Hawaii have the obvious beautiful beaches and diverse culture, but it has so many hidden secrets to discover. So, I have been here for over 3 weeks now, and here is what I have uncovered. Sunsets, as cliche as they may seem, never get old here. Surfing can be a hobby- for a part time soccer coach. You can not have too many Acai bowls. A kayak can take you to what feels like a secret forbidden untouched lagoon only 5 minutes away from the highway. Moonlight motorcycle rides are a little piece of heaven- especially when you can look up at millions of stars and watch the trees fly by. Sitting oceanside on a moonlit night with someone who can make you laugh can make all your worries go away. And finally, the ocean wins. Every time.
B) Who put us here as soccer coaches of a sweet college team in Hawaii together? Someone is looking out for us! We must have been real good in our past lives. It is so fun to be a part of a college soccer team again. And the real fun began this week. We had our first few games against Upper Iowa (we won 3-0) and Westminster (we won 2-1). It was great to get 2 wins- especially with new coaches and new players getting acquainted. There were definitely people stepping up and making plays and surprising us. We even had a great turn out with the fans who were very supportive and loud. I think my favorite part was the Hawaiian cheer they do at the beginning- especially because they looked so good in their new warm up jerseys! I will get some pictures to post soon. It is so funny to see teams taking pictures at the field where we practice everyday- I guess it is a good reminder not to take advantage of this setting. I think there are a lot of challenges ahead of us this season, but I also think we have a talented and unified group of girls that are going to do well.
C) Ancient Mesopotamia was da bomb dot com. I can't believe what a difference a set of wheels makes. Our friend Dave took us to the store to get beach cruisers! It was like Christmas in August. And now we are getting so good at riding our bikes that we can ride with no hands- photos to come soon. But no pain, no gain. I had a seriously biking accident on the way to campus, and I am still nursing my wounds from it. Now we are unstoppable- going to the store and to the office and to the fields and to the beach and to the point. Not that life was bad before, but seriously I didn't think a simple set of wheels could make such a difference. And maybe next time we might even have a C-A-R, cross your fingers.
I am still loving this place- impossibly more and more each day. And there couldn't be enough photo shoots in the world to really do it justice in sharing with you. I will end with some random thoughts that I feel urged to share: I have not fully lived until my first CHA CHA experience- scouting Upper Iowa. I learned that the 911 song is so catchy, it can stay in your head for hours! I learned that bowling pin baseball gets a lot more fun when you reach delirium at 1am and put on a pink headband. I learned that I am old because I don't twitter. I have learned that Hawaiian Sun drinks in the can will solve all your problems. I have learned that I love my family and friends- especially when they call or write:)

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  1. I love your pictures and stories Candice! So glad you are enjoying it...and I second the sunsets in Hawaii. Serioulsy - They are that good.